Chicago Production Meeting

October 8, 2007

Co-producer Kathleen Dargis (who lives in the Bay Area) and I just cranked out two long days of organizing archival materials, production planning, and budgeting on North Carolina Rambler.

We are in the midst of reviewing hours of interview footage and preparing for a final round of interviews to take place sometime this winter. Viewing the interviews with Kinney Rorrer, Mike Seeger, and country music historian Bill Malone have been the highlights this week.

Stay tuned…


The 12th Annual Charlie Poole Music Festival had to be the best yet. The highlight was unquestionably the Carolina Chocolate Drops, who had a sizeable crowd of Piedmonters slidin’ their lawn chairs to the front and buck dancin’ like nobody’s business.


The second year into a revised format which features camping, parking lot picking, and some of the finest contest fare since the 1920s, the Poole festival did not disappoint. Expect more of the same next year. For info on next year’s festival, go to Charlie Poole Music Festival.  All festival photos credited to Dan Peck.